Settings Tracker

DSO logs origin and destination of changed settings, as well as who changed them.
DSO Sentinel Software Box

 During install, machine settings are fine-tuned to meet your specific thresholds for quality, variance, and cost. But sometimes, operators will change these settings on-the-fly; sometimes it’s because practicality and experience warrant it, and sometimes they do it for their own reasons. They could think the machine is malfunctioning because of excess rejects, or perhaps there are simply more rejects than they want to deal with.


Whatever the reason, having settings changed with no records can be very frustrating for your Operations Manager; with no sense of how the new performance relates to the old, they lose objective track of what is best. This leads to an avoidable service call­—or worse­—a permanent decrease in performance.


DSO Sentinel not only records all such changes, but can alert the interested parties when settings were changed, where they were changed from and to, and who changed them. Pairing this information with other basic DSO functions allows managers to understand the effects of the changed settings. Simply being able to ask the right person about the incidents that prompted the change can add a lot of value.


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