Profile Switcher

Currently Eagle-Only DSO changes machine settings when incoming product changes.
DSO Sentinel Software Box

When multiple products are being run on the same line and changeovers need to happen quickly and often, changing machine settings for each product can become impractical quickly. DSO addresses this problem by tying setting profiles to barcodes. When a product change occurs on the line, the operator scans the corresponding barcode which automatically switches the x-ray machine’s setting to a pre-set profile for that product. This is especially helpful if operators need to change machine settings for recipe or supplier variations within a single product.


This feature is currently listed “Eagle-Only” because it requires DSO to provide commands to the machine, and not all equipment will allow such commands. This feature will be compatible with other machines, but will require testing. If you would like this feature on non-Eagle equipment, let us know; we’d love to try!


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