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DSO Sentinel stores product inspection images: searchable, shareable, viewable.
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OEMs’ built-in analytics solutions are typically bare-bones and do not support images. And when they do, the images must be downloaded before they can be viewed. And these images are usually in an HPI format not supported by your computer. This requires the download of third-party software which is clunky or additional cost. DSO provides an in-platform viewer which can render passed and rejected items on-demand, filterable by date, product, or other parameters.


When would I need to recall images?

Abnormal events and errors

After abnormal events such as upstream equipment errors, there can be large up-ticks in rejects without the cause being known. Being able to recall images from your server or the cloud allow you to review product and make a decision about its safety without destroying it.


Unauthorized settings changes

If parameters were changed and cause product to be rejected, images allow you to manually review product without removing it from the batch.


Recalls/customer complaints

When a customer complains that your product broke their tooth, product images allow you to confirm whether the complaint is legitimate. If your machine failed to reject contaminated product, the contaminant would still be visible in the image. This can allow you to take the optimal approach when handling their complaint, performing any internal corrections that may be warranted, or_—worst-case-scenario—defend your company in court.



Archived images allow your safety staff to show buyers a random sampling of inspection images, assuring safety and proving due-diligence.


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